One of our members of our leadership team, Elizabeth Fowler, sent me this funny story and I just had to share it with you. Maybe you can relate and get some creative ideas of your own! She wrote:

“I have a cute idea to share with you.
We always talk to the kids about seeing something that needs to be done and doing it without being asked (not to mention just picking up their own stuff). I have noticed lately that I am doing way to much picking up around the house.
Yesterday the trash was over-full & I am the one who would do it. I decided to leave it in there to see if anyone else who lives in our house might see the need and take it out. However, I put a mini-pack of skittles under the bag for the person who took it out to find and enjoy (as a special surprise reward) for their servant heart.
You know how it went. Even though it was tied up in the container (HINT, HINT), everyone just stuffed more and more trash in. Someone even set a piece of trash on top of the tied up bag. What is that!?
So this morning, we talked about leadership, serving, seeing needs around them, etc & I showed them the skittles.
Then I told them that for fun, I would hide the skittles every day in or by a job that needed to be done. With a one year old in the house there are always toys to be picked up, food to be cleaned up, etc. They were so excited.
Maybe I’ll even put some in the dishwasher this afternoon!!!!”

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! But beware of leaving candy around!!! Have you read my post about the mice???? They don’t help out like the ones on Cinderella! If only……

God Bless!