Do you enjoy your kids? I do. I don’t mean that I enjoy every part of the nitty-gritty, wiping bottoms, cleaning up spills, saying no to candy for morning snack 10 times, finding the lost shoe, “He started it!”, and for goodness sakes , “What is that smell?” kind of stuff. But I really do like who my kids are. (And it’s not just because they are just like me!) I have a relationship with each one of them, and I find each one of those relationships rewarding. My husband and I have a goal. We want to be friends with our kids when they are grown. But for now, we have to be parents….which means that it is our job to teach them and train them. We have to be the ones to say “no” and give them rules and structure and consequences for disobedience. We must teach them in God’s wisdom and place truth in their hearts. But, if we try to do all that without having a real relationship built on trust, it will all be worthless. So, if you feel that you have lost the enjoyment of being a mom…..get back to basics. Put your rules aside for a moment and get to know your kids. Listen to them, play with them, and build that trust. If they trust you, they will be more likely to follow your lead. God bless!