If you have a daughter between the ages of 7-12, you know how busy and preoccupied she can become. From Hanna Montana to American Girl dolls, to friends, Webkinz, dance class and sports, your daughter has many different things fighting for her attention. This is a time when girls are starting to figure out who they are and what kind of young women they want to be.
As a mom, you might feel her pulling away from you and you may sense that there is tension there. You might be sailing through thinking that the hard part of parenting has ended and she doesn’t really require so much of your attention anymore. But the fact is, she needs you now more than ever! She wants your focus and your attention (even if she doesn’t always act like it) and she wants to bond with you so that she can carry on the Legacy that you are creating, With everything that is influencing her, don’t you want to be the biggest influence? Can you be the biggest influence if you haven’t established trust with her and have a bond that pulls her toward you instead of away from you?
That’s why we are offering the first ever “Little Legacies” Mother-Daughter Workshop for Legacy Moms and their daughters ages 7-12! It will be a day of fun, learning and bonding that she will never forget. Click on the link below for more info and to register. Space is limited, so don’t delay! Remember…she won’t be this age forever, and the time to build the bridge is NOW!
I look forward to seeing you there!