It seems like just yesterday, but twelve years ago (tomorrow) my life was forever changed. I gave birth to my first child and I became someone’s MOM! There are some in this world who see having a baby as something that “happens” to you, something that needs to be “dealt with” or an inconvenience or obstacle to overcome in order to reach their “real” calling in life, but not me! I know that God doesn’t see it that way, either. God values moms.
It was after I became a mom that I learned God had a purpose and calling for my life. Now, I must admit, I didn’t figure this out over-night. I also must admit that there are many rewarding aspects to my life, such as being married to a wonderful husband and having really deep, like-minded friends that have stretched me and supported me, but being a mom has been so crucial in my growth as a Christian. It has been a journey, a process of discovering just who I am and how God wants me to use my talents, my life experiences and my mistakes to grow and become who He called me to be. Quite simply: He has used my children to draw me closer to Him!
I heard that one of the Legacy Moms said that God used her son to “soften her heart” towards God. How true for most of us!
I’m not a perfect mom. In fact, there are days I’m not even a very good mom. I can be impatient, cranky and overwhelmed. But when I hear the laughter of my children, when I see the smile on their faces and feel their arms around me, I know that they are gifts from a loving God and He must love me an awful lot to let me be their mom! I also know that nothing….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING….can be as rewarding as knowing that my kids are happy, that they know they are loved and they feel secure, and that I am teaching them to know Jesus and love Him.
Tomorrow is bitter-sweet for me. My little boy is turning 12 and is becoming more and more of a Godly young man everyday. I am so thankful for the past 12 years and can’t wait to see what God teaches me over the next 12 years! Time is short and they are all growing up so fast. My greatest hope is that I make the most of the time I have and don’t waste a single moment on things that are temporary and insignificant.
Well, I have to go for now….my five-year-old just asked me to hold him. In the blink of an eye, he’ll be 12 too , so I better hold him while I can!