Swing pic

“Firsts” are a big deal for us moms. We look forward to and celebrate all those “firsts” – first steps, first birthday, first words, first day of school, first lost tooth, etc… But have you ever considered that there will be a “lasts” too? Last time your child will want to be tucked in. The last time your daughter will dress up like a princess. The last time that feisty little boy will ask you to play Legos. The last time your child will be carried to bed? The tough thing about lasts is that there is no ceremony to it, no big anticipation. It just quietly goes away with little notice, until one day you realize it never happened again. Most of the time, the “lasts” happen and we don’t even remember when they happened. We simply notice that the dolls have been put away, the blankie is no longer needed, and the little boy looks like a man. As my children get older, I am painfully aware that even though we have many “firsts” yet to look forward to, the “lasts” are coming more and more frequently.

With this summer in mind, think about the lasts. What if the time your child asks you to swing him is the last time and you want to say no because you are too busy with laundry, but instead you say yes? What if your child asks you to hold her, and even though she is getting really heavy, you stop what you are doing and make the effort , only to realize later it was the last time you got to do that? Would it be worth it? Of course it would! Make your days count and parent with no regrets, and those “lasts” will be a treasured memory instead of something you wish you could do over.
Many Blessings,