Many years ago, after my (now) husband and I had been dating for a couple of years, it became obvious that our relationship was headed toward marriage. I suddenly became very discontent and felt wish-washy about everything. I found myself obsessing about every little thing and worrying about the future. I was constantly asking myself, “What if….” this and “What about….” that. I was worried about making a mistake. I would think, “Is this the man God has for me?” I knew I loved him and wanted to marry him, but I was desperately afraid to make a mistake and commit. Even though I really wanted him to be “the one,” I kept expecting some “sign” from God so I could know for sure. So, I spent the next 6 months in turmoil, worrying, and over-analyzing everything. Now, keep in mind that all of this was mostly taking place in my own private thoughts, and he was basically oblivious to my inner struggle. He thought things were great! (Isn’t that so typical!)
Finally, after seeking wise counsel and much prayer, I decided to trust God that this was, indeed, the man for me, and just in the nick of time! Soon after he proposed and I accepted.
Here is why I tell you this story….after I decided to commit and made a decision and knew for sure that this was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with, all those little “issues” that I was so worried about just went away! I had peace, the little things didn’t matter that much anymore, and I knew where I was headed….even if I didn’t know all the details….I knew I was committed 100% to being his wife and it felt great to have some clarity about it.
So, are you feeling discontent and worried about where you are at in your life? Is it possible that you are “on the fence” in your relationship with Christ, and that if you would just commit 100%, you could find peace and contentment? Or maybe you have given your life to Christ, but your have not committed fully to His calling on your life. Maybe you are afraid to make a mistake, over-analyzing everything, or waiting for a “sign” before you commit to what you know He has called you to do. I went through the same cycle again when I felt God was calling me to start Legacy Moms. (Why don’t we learn our lessons the first time!!!!)
We may not know everything about where we are going, but maybe committing to it is half the battle. Life is like a rushing river and it is going by…! You can either stand by wondering where the river is going, worrying about all the unknowns……or you can trust God and jump in! I say, “Let’s jump!”
God bless!