Here are the husband/wife discussion questions for this month. For those of you that heard the lesson, I encourage you to have honest, open discussions about these issues, and start working on them for the next month to prepare for our next session. Use these questions for your Legacy Moms journal as well.

*Do I understand and demonstrate in my lifestyle and behavior that nakedness is not just biological, but also spiritual?

*Am I dressing and behaving in a way that tells my children that biblical modesty is something I value?

*Do my entertainment choices meet the standard set in Phil. 4:8?

*Do I discuss with my children the values and messages that are portrayed in the things we watch and listen to?

* Am I getting Biblical Truth in front of my kids and teaching them a Christian worldview, or am I letting someone else decide what my kids need to know and when?

E-mail me and let me know how it goes this month. Looking forward to seeing you on the last Monday night of February! Get there early if you want a seat, we filled up last night!