We are blessed with one of the most talented teams I think any organization could have. One of those incredible leaders, Elizabeth Fowler (those are her adorable kids) , wrote this and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I pray it helps you think about the commitments you make this year and which of those things will really impact your family in a positive way:

“I ordered my 2010 calendar online so it could be just like I like it: Month-at-a-glance with space on the side to make notes. Now it’s time to go back through last year’s calendar and transfer important dates to remember like birthdays, anniversaries, and hopefully schedule a vacation! Some things go on the calendar with pencil (like gym classes) but some go in ink. Legacy Moms is one of those ink commitments and I’d like to share why.

In Ezekiel 3:17 God tells Ezekiel, “I have made you watchman for the house of Israel.” I believe God has made me a watchman over the house of Fowler and also, in a sense, a watchman over my children’s hearts.

My #1 goal as a parent is to raise Godly children, but is so easy to lose sight of that goal in the busyness of day to day life. And what do “Godly children” look like anyway? Legacy Moms keeps me focused on my goal and gives me the tools to define what godliness looks like in my children and in my parenting.

Over my years with my legacy friends, I have learned things like what to do instead of counting to three to have my children obey me, how to establish healthy sleep patterns for my baby, how to encourage my children to become each other’s best friend, how not to “carry the rock” but parent WITH my husband with him as the leader of our home, detailed advice about how and when to tell my children about sex, how to make summers memorable and fun for my children (and me!), how to teach them to make wise choices and how to make it right when they sin, just to name some of the material we have covered.

No question or topic has ever been off-limits. We have shared our struggles, hurts and disappointments. When I have been at my lowest parenting low, I have turned to Kym and/or another Legacy Mom for comfort and advice. My Legacy friends have also been there to celebrate the highest highs. I truly feel we are on the parenting journey together.

As you consider the mom role that God has given you and you look to the year ahead, I pray you will make an “ink commitment” to Legacy Moms and join me on the last Monday night of every month a time of re-focusing and encouragement. Together we will strive to be good and faithful watchmen over our children’s hearts and raise Godly children.

Elizabeth Fowler

Thanks, Elizabeth, for sharing your heart with us. Did this inspire and motivate you?! It did me! I love getting to parent with a “villiage” of other Christian moms to support and encourage me! Join us this month, on January 25th at 7 pm as we talk about teaching our children to have forgiving spirits. We will look at the difference between “I’m sorry” and “Will you forgive me” and what it really means to forgive someone and get past hurt and resentment and revenge. Those patterns begin early in childhood and can rip a family apart. Forgiveness is the key to a life of peace. Join us and find out how to bring some PEACE to your home!