Do you ever find yourself looking forward to that next “big thing”, only to find that it didn’t really fulfill you and now you are focused on the next one? I think we all suffer from a lack of contentment from time to time. Maybe it’s the next big trip, or that piece of furniture or jewelry that you’ve been eye-balling forever. Maybe you think to yourself, “Things will be great once (fill in the blank) happens.” Maybe you think your life will be so much better if you had a new house, or a new car, or once your kids start school, or your husband gets a better job, or when you get pregnant, or your kids are potty-trained. Then, once that happens, you realize that you still aren’t fulfilled and there is something else you want, need and wish for. Our sinful, human nature is so bent toward missing the joy of the here-and-now because we consume ourselves with what we don’t have. I can be the world’s worst about that! I have (through years of trial and error!) had to learn to focus on the blessings of the present while still having hope for the future. I have tried hard not to pass this on to my children. I really want them to be glass-half-full people like my husband. Today, my daughter Jordan wrote a poem that I thought I would share with you:

I Want More!
by Jordan Carter
age 9
When I get four,
I want more!
When I get nine,
It’s still not fine.
When I get twenty,
I do not have plenty.
When I get a million,
Why not a billion?
Maybe that’s not what life was meant,
Maybe I should learn to be content.
May you and I find joy and contentment right where we are today! Thanks, Jordan, for the reminder. Out of the mouths of babes……..
God Bless!