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“More is caught than taught.”

You’ve probably heard that line before, but I experienced this first-hand A LOT as my children were growing up and I can’t express to you how true this statement is. Here’s just one example: My kids and I attended CBS (Community Bible Study) for many years (p.s. I highly recommend it if you are wanting to have a deeper understanding of the Bible) and my two older kids and I once had the same memory verse : Romans 1:16-17. We were all three trying to memorize it and after reading it out loud together a few times, we tried to say it by memory and we got stuck in verse 16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel…. um..because….um……because it’s…..” Out of the blue, my then-4-year-old piped up, “Because it is the power of God!” So my husband asked him if he could say the whole verse, and guess what?  He DID IT!

When I realized he had heard us reciting the verse and had memorized it (even before we did) it got me thinking. The “more is caught than taught” thing can really be a double-edged sword. It happened to work in my favor that time, and I am so thankful it was God’s word that he “caught” and hid in his heart! But I had to wonder what else he “caught” when I assumed he wasn’t listening or didn’t understand?

Have you ever thought about the lyrics in the music you listen to in the car with their little ears listening in the backseat? Have you ever considered the content of the TV shows you watch when you assume your child is too young to catch what’s going on? What is on your social media feed as you scroll through it as your little ones look over your shoulder?

It is so important as moms that we monitor what our children are exposed to. Keep in mind, not all preachers stand in pulpits and not all teachers are in classrooms. The words you say, the music you listen to, and the media you bring in to your house all impact your children and the way they view their world,

even when you think they aren’t paying attention,

even when you think they are too young to be affected.

You never know when that light will come on.  The question is….  what will they “catch” when it does?

God Bless!