Shelly is such a fun person and really, deeply, cares about people. God sent her to Legacy Moms during the development stages and although I knew then it was a blessing, I didn’t fully understand or appreciate what an absolute GIFT she would be to the ministry! We could not have gotten Legacy Moms off the ground as quickly as we did without her tireless work and expertise. I’m excited for you to get to know her:
What is your role in Legacy Moms? I am the legal counsel (and board member)
Tell me about your family? My Husband is Rodney Moss and we have 4 children, Hannah 15, Ian 13, Olivia 10 and Sophie 9. We also have 3 dogs, a guinea pig and a hamster.

Where do you go to church and what sort of things are you involved in there? We attend Fellowship Church. We have done volunteer work, Hometeam Leadership and we are about to get involved in the mission trips.
What is the most rewarding part of being involved in LM for you? Sharing. Knowing that as Christian Moms that we are not alone. We have Sisters in Christ how can stand with us as we raise our children to know Jesus.
When did you become a Christian? I became a Christian at the Calgary Baptist Church in Paris, Texas when I was in third grade. It was my Grandmother’s Church and she took me there when ever we visited. She never missed Church and she is still one of the Christian women I look to as a role model.

Finish these statements:

If you see me around town it would most likely be at: a sporting event for a child

The last great book I read was: Same Kind of Different as Me. It is an awesome book and everyone should read it!

My favorite part of being a mom is: Just being there, being part of their lives, dreaming of what they will do and who they will become
The most challenging part of being a mom is: Discipline. To discipline in a meaningful way, as a correction, not as a result of my short temper.

My favorite saying: You can ask for anything as long as you are willing to accept “No” for the answer.

My family would describe me as: Caring. They know that I care about each of them and what they are doing and how they are feeling.

The lesson God has been teaching me lately is: That I can’t please everyone. I have please God and He will work out the rest.

When my kids are grown, the thing I hope that remember about me the most is: That I loved God first, My Husband second and them third. I hope they go on to do the same.
What I wish I had known when I first started having kids that I know now: That the time really does fly and you should enjoy every single moment and I mean every moment!
Thanks, Shelly! We are blessed to have you on the team!