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Well, if you have been following our blog then you know that I have been highlighting some of the wonderful women that make up our Leadership Team at Legacy Moms. I am really excited to introduce you to Lisa, but if you have been coming long to our group, my guess is you have already gotten to know her! She is such an integral part of our team and does so much behind-the-scenes that it would be improssible for me to list it all. In fact, when I first presented the “idea” of Legacy Moms to that little group of women in my living room, Lisa was the first one to jump in and say, “I am IN…I’ll do anything, even sweep floors if that is what it takes.” What a sign of things to come! She is truly a servant and serves in humility and love and I know God is so pleased with the way she serves Him. What a treasure she is to us, and you will be blessed to get to know her as well. So here is my interview with Lisa:
Tell me about your family.
Team Langston consists of my husband, Dean, my almost 9-year old son, Jakob, and my 7 year old daughter, Avy. We love Friday night family nights, working and playing on our 1.5 acres, anything outdoors and most sports. We have 2 dogs and a dwarf hamster.

What sort of things are you involved in besides Legacy Moms?
I care for children in my home and that keeps me very busy. I also organize many things for my neighborhood as well as serve at my kiddos school once a week.

What is the most rewarding part of being involved in LM for you?
Watching GOD work in WOMEN……meeting new women who are wanting to leave a legacy for their children, learning from women that have gone before me, building relationships with women that will last forever, seeing and hearing testimonies of what Legacy Moms and God has done in women’s lives that will definitely leave a legacy.

When did you become a Christian?
I became a Christian in May of 1999. I was 27 years old. Thank goodness it’s never too late to make that life changing choice!

Finish these statements:

If you see me around town it would most likely be at: Walmart or Quiktrip or driving the large van with many kids to preschool, gym class, or library!

My kids get embarrassed when I: sing and dance in public

My favorite part of being a mom is: There are so many, but the top ones are the hugs when not expected, ‘I love you’s’, hearing sweet prayers from their mouths, the ‘aha’ moments when all the training comes together….usually just in time when all hope is almost lost!

The most challenging part of being a mom is: Trying not to worry when they are not in your hands, the consistent training, keeping the energy to do all that needs to be done.

The best advice I have ever received was: Proverbs 22:6, but I have received so many pieces of training to support that scripture from Legacy Moms….siblings are best friends, train your child’s heart, priorities of life: God, spouse, children, everything else.

My favorite saying: Right now….”I love you too much to argue.”

My family would describe me as:
Dean – good mother, good teacher, caring, servant, puts others first, bad duster (honest!)
Jakob – same things dad said Avy – pretty

The lesson God has been teaching me lately is: Get in His Word, share Him with everyone.

When my kids are grown, the thing I hope that they remember about me the most is: I had so much love for them, that I shared Christ with them in all that I did and said, and if I slacked in any area, it was because I was sharing Him with someone else. I can only hope!!!

The one thing that no parenting book can prepare you for is: all the emotions and feelings that go along with it! Only one book can help you get through it all.

Thank you Lisa!