I saw a news story today about the son of one of my high school coaches who has gotten in trouble for some of the same things his dad had been accused of many years ago. I was reminded of how God put boundaries and rules of acceptable behavior in our lives to protect us. Following God’s word protects us from ourselves, and protects those we love from being unwilling sufferers in the poor choices we make.
Unfortunately, many people disregard truth and choose to tear down those boundaries and get involved in sin and disobedience to God’s word and leave a legacy to their children (and others that they influence) to follow them down that same, well-worn path to sin. Each generation then continues the same patterns. But each generation has a choice to follow the footsteps that lead to rebellion and the same pain they witnessed in their life, or to rebuild the wall and stay within God’s boundaries. We’re going to leave a legacy, the choice is ours which one we choose to leave. We are wise when we recognize generational sin that may be present in our own families and take extra precautions in those areas. The evil one just isn’t that creative. If your parents or grandparents struggled in an area, you will probably be tested there too. But if you are in Christ, you have the power of the Holy Spirit in you and you can overcome even the biggest temptations. You can be the one to change the legacy in your family and stop the pattern.

Galatians 6:7