I saw you Thursday in the parking lot of Chick fil a. You were leaving with a toddler that was having a meltdown and a preschooler tugging on you from the other side the whole way to the car. You looked exhausted, frustrated, and like you were trying to hold it together. I clumsily smiled at you and tried to offer you some silly encouragement, “It goes by fast, I promise.”  You stared back at me with a blank stare. Maybe you thought you were invisible and that no one could even see you anymore. I understand that feeling, because I was there not too long ago.  Maybe you looked at me with my teenage boys laughing and my well-rested eyes and thought, “You have no idea how hard things are for me. ” That’s okay, I have been there, too.  I just wanted you to know that I saw you, I saw YOU. Not your screaming kid, not your reaction to it, not your circumstances. I saw YOU.

I wanted to say so much more.


I wanted to tell you that although being a mom can be the most fulfilling and rewarding experience we as women will ever have,  we all experience times when it is challenging, disappointing and moments when it feels like the loneliest and most thankless job in the world. I wanted you to know you were not invisible and you are not alone.   As I drove away, I was reminded of  something I wrote many years ago to encourage our Legacy Moms on Mother’s Day, and I wanted to share it now in hopes that if you never see it, someone just like you will. God knows who it is meant for:


On this Mother’s Day, I wondered what Jesus would say to me and to you if we were to talk to him about being a mom.  So humor me here, but this is what I imagined Him saying:


“My beloved, I have loved you since the day you were formed in your own mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13-16)  I have watched you grow and mature and become a mother yourself.  Remember that time you looked at your baby and your heart filled with so much love that you thought it might burst?  I was there, and I feel that way about you.   (John 15: 9-17 )  Remember that moment when your child did something that you knew was so amazing, but you dared not share with anyone because you knew that no one could really understand how great this small accomplishment really was?  I was there, and I rejoiced with you.  I also rejoice over your accomplishments great and small. (Luke 15:8-10)  Remember the time your heart was broken because your child was disappointed and hurt and you couldn’t give them what they needed?  My heart broke too, but you both remain in the palm of My hand.  (Rom. 8:28)  Remember when you worried that you weren’t doing enough, that you aren’t a good enough mother, and that you have “messed up”  everything?  Well, I chose you to be the mother of your child for a reason.  (Psalm 127:3)   Please come to Me and listen to Me and I will show you the way. (John 10:3-10)  Remember the time you cried alone in your room about that problem that seemed too much to bear?  I was there to wipe your tears and comfort you.  All you have to do is ask and I will always be there for you.  (Matt. 7:7)  I know this journey can be hard, confusing and wonderful all at the same time.  I know that you think no one understands.  I do, and I am molding you to be the person I created you to be.  (Phil 1:6)  Trust Me, walk with Me, and I will hold your hand and lead you to the blessings I have in store for you.  Beloved, I have much in store for you if you will just follow ME, and lead your children to Me as well.”


Her children rise up and bless her;  Her husband also, and he praises her saying:

“Many daughters have done nobly,  But you excel them all.”

Proverbs 31:28,29

Happy Mothers Day.  You are valued. Keep up the good work. And by the way….it does pass quickly, I promise.