Do you believe in the power of prayer? What do you think would happen if we humbly approached the throne of God for 31 days straight on behalf of our children in order to bring about Godly character in their lives? I think we might see amazing things happening in our families and our communities. Join us as Legacy Moms all over the country embark on a powerful month of prayer for our children in the month of March. Here’s how it will work: through our Facebook Fan Page, each day in March we will send out a specific character quality with verses for you to pray for your children following a program developed by Bob Hostettler. Just make sure to check each day for the update. (Become a fan at )

Can you imagine all of us praying about, focusing on, and discussing with our children the same thing on the same day? WOW! If you are not already, make sure to become a fan on Facebook so you can join us. And make sure to “suggest to friends,” share the links on your own page and see how many moms we can lock arms with in prayer and witness the radical transformation of our families that can only come through prayer.

Are you ready? Well, here’s a few tips. First of all, it’s great to silently pray each day for your children, but consider also saying the prayer with your children and let them in on what you are asking God for in their life. Discuss each quality, point it out when you see it, and help them understand what it would like in your family. (For example, on the day we pray for responsibility…use the verses and the prayer to open up a dialogue about what that would look like in practical terms in their life.) Also, keep in mind that you can not expect God to take your children any further than you yourself are willing to go. ( Ouch…I know! ) But, if we are going to pray for our children to possess Godly character, we must be showing it in our own lives. So start praying now and ask God to convict you and show you where you have fallen short and ask Him through his grace and mercy to mold you into the Legacy Mom He created you to be….passing a truly Godly legacy to your family through your thoughts, your words and your actions.

We can’t wait to hear how God moves in your family. Write on our wall on the Facebook page or send us an e-mail and let us know about the victories big and small!