The new year usually motivates me and causes me anxiety at the same time. On the one hand, I’m excited to get back to life as normal: regular schedules, regular meals, etc… but even better. I’m always ready to turn over a new leaf and be a better version of myself. I’m going to get up earlier! I’m going to have a quiet time first thing everyday! I’m going to work out and eat right! I’m going to be a great mom! I’m going to be a great wife! I’m going to floss everyday! But then I feel all this pressure….because the new year is HERE and it’s time to get started! (Oh no! I have to get up earlier? Uh oh…I was supposed to work out today! GUILT is setting in already!) And I know that more than likely a year from now I will be trying once again to be the better version of me for as long as I can sustain it, but truth be told, I will probably be the same old,average, imperfect me.
Now, I know that I will never be perfect this side of heaven. I also know that in my strength alone I will never be the best version of myself. In fact, the more I try to improve myself with my own will, the worse I seem to get! This year, instead of focusing on the kind of person I want to be, I am going to focus on the kind of person God wants me to be. I’m going to lay all my imperfections at His feet and ask Him to mold me into the woman He wants me to be. If I trust in Him for everything, and obey His word, I have a feeling that through His power, I will just naturally be the better version of me. I’ll be a better mom, a better wife, friend, etc.. Not for my glory, but for His. Besides, where would I be if I hadn’t learned all that I have through the lessons of my failures? Being a Legacy Mom isn’t about being perfect, it’s just about doing the best you can with what you got, doing the best you can today and giving the rest to God. I am praying for you to do just that!